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Rama Bhatia (PhD Student; University of liverpool)

Working on horizontal gene transfer and the role of the environment in determining selective barriers.

Jonathan P. Bollback, Dr. (PI; University of liverpool)

Working on horizontal gene transfer, bacterial immunity, gene regulation, and phylogenomics.

Jack Fitzpatrick (PhD Student; University of liverpool)

Working on the role of epistasis within bacterial operons as a barrier to horizontal gene transfer.


Hande Acar, Dr. (PhD Student, IST Austria, 2011-2016)*
Adam Harris, MRes (MRes Student, University of Liverpool, 2016-2017)*
Claudia Igler (PhD candidate, IST Austria)*
Fabienne Jesse, Dr. (PhD Student, IST Austria, 2012-2017)*
Anne Kupczok, Dr. (Postdoctoral Fellow, IST Austria, 2010-2013)
Mato Lagator, Dr. (Postdoctoral Fellow; IST Austria, 2013-2017)
Flavia Gama Gomes Leite, Dr. (Research Technician; IST Austria, 2011-2012)
Anaisa Moreno, MSc. (Erasmus MSc Student; University of Porto & IST Austria, 2014)*
Nela Nikolic, Dr. (Postdoctoral Fellow; IST Austria, 2016)
Pavel Payne, Dr. (PhD Student; IST Austria, 2012-2016)*
Katharina Poecher, MSc. (MSc Student; FH Campus Wien & IST Austria, 2016)*
Rodrigo A. F. Redondo, Dr. (Postdoctoral Fellow; IST Austria, 2010-2014)
Xiaoyun Tu, Dr. (Postdoctoral Fellow; IST Austria, 2015-2016)
Isabella Tomanek (PhD candidate, IST Austria)*
* Degree awarded.
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